Movin’ Mamas NYC promises to get moms’ heart rates up, flatten tummies, cinch waists and whittle away at stubborn saddle bags.

As a mother and Post-Natal Pilates expert, Movin’ Mamas’ co-founder and master teacher
Randi Stone
has a great understanding of the obstacles involved in getting in shape after pregnancy.

The Movin’ Mamas whole body workout rehabilitates the core, heals the pelvic floor, improves posture and flexibility, relieves common new mama aches and pains and releases stress. Our clients can expect to tone and strengthen their seats, abdominals, thighs, arms and backs while working toward improved cardiovascular health.

All exercises can be modified to the individual’s appropriate fitness level!

Movin' Mamas

It is common for women to carry excess weight in their torso even years after giving birth.  This often dangerous weight can put extra stress on the internal organs ( i.e. heart) and the back.  Combined with a sensible diet, a cardiovascular workout with core-based strength training is the most effective way to lose weight and/or maintain a healthy body. For women with an abdominal muscle separation, this is a Diastasis safe workout!

The Movin’ Mamas workout becomes progressively more challenging as you become stronger.  Bodies respond best to change.  Be prepared to safely kick it up a notch each week!

During pregnancy, muscles, joints and skin are stretched and strained, often leaving the once taught body saggy and lacking muscle tone.  Nothing beats Pilates in bringing back tone to the entire body!  This translates into a longer and leaner body that is energized, ready to take on the physical challenges of motherhood, and looking and feeling healthy for years to come!

This will all be accomplished without leaving your baby behind!

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