Randi Stone

Randi Stone

Randi is renowned on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for her pre- and post-pregnancy Pilates practice. She infuses authentic Pilates with Diastasis Rehab / The Tupler Technique and MELT, a self-treatment technique that promotes strength, length and longevity.

The mother of boy-girl twins, Randi practiced Pilates throughout her 37 week twin pregnancy. She is certified in the Tupler Technique – Diastasis Rehab, took in-house pre and post-natal certification while teaching at the Sports Club LA (SCLA) and has participated in numerous courses pertaining to pregnancy and fitness.

Randi has personally trained hundreds of pregnant and post-natal clients privately and in a group classes. Randi has also taught pre- and post-natal continuing education courses to Pilates instructors at prominent Pilates studios throughout Manhattan, including Uptown Pilates, the Center Studio and Equinox (85th and 3rd Ave). Finally, Randi teaches classes on how to do a proper Kegel at Destination Maternity (57th and Madison).

Randi’s Pilates for Pregnancy and Childbirth class and her Mother and Baby Pilates classes are frequently filled to capacity at the JCC of Manhattan.

For more information on Randi, please visit NYC Pilates.

Paolina Weber

Paolina WeberPaolina Weber is a Pilates Method Alliance certified Pilates instructor and their Pilates For Youth initiative certificate holder. She has been a National Academy of Sports Medicine accredited personal trainer, with continuing education certifications for Post Rehabilitation Education from The Continuum Center For Health and Healing and Pre/Post Natal Fitness from the International Sports Medicine Association. Paolina has participated in advanced workshops at the Kinected Pilates Center on Pilates for Osteoporosis, for Pregnancy, and an in- depth look at the Psoas Muscle. She also holds Pilates diplomas from the Kane School of Core Integration, the Stott Pilates International Certification Center, and Peak Pilates.

Paolina’s clients have included people recovering from hip replacement surgery and ACL repair, as well as those with osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, mitral valve prolapse, shoulder injuries, bursitis and tendonitis. She is experienced in working with pregnant and post-partum women, athletes and older adults.

For more information on Paolina, please visit Paolina Pilates.

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